Website listing Kenyan tech-startups launched (beta)

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If you are interested in getting to know and keepig track of the thriving tech community of the Eastern African media hub Nairobi, then the site that has just launched is for you!
On that site you can discover innovative startups such as medic mobile, ma3route, brck, ushahidi or m-farm „that are proudly made in Nairobi“, learn about their „story, their innovation, milestones, products and services offered“ as well as engage with them by investing in them or by simply reaching out. Finally, if your are part of the Nairobian tech scene, why not get listed on the site as well?

Via iHub (Facebook)

“Way Out” – an artistic reflection on (mobile) digital life

Way Out from Yukai Du on Vimeo.

‘Way out’, an MA graduation film, is inspired by ‘Alone Together’ by Sherry Turkle and a reflection of modern life in this digital age. The exaggerated contrast between emotionless citizens and characterized phones reveals our over-­‐dependence on virtual communication. A dramatic and extreme consequence shows a negative attitude, for which no one can escape the trend of technology that originally comes from the endless appetence of human beings.

Please visit to know more about the project.

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